Thursday, July 25, 2013


I used to love giving some people advices, but then some other people also love to give me advice that I do not want to listen to... That is when I stop giving any advices to some people. I just thought maybe some people would just hates my advices like I hate some other people's advices as well.

Don't you think so?

I just fricking hate some people's advices, but they just won't stop talking and there is nothing I could do to stop them. All I wanna do and say is to walk away and tell them to leave me alone. They just won't shut up, seriously.

Self-note: So, if you think you are still stupid then don't bother giving any people advices. You're just pathetic, who knows?

I'm a picky kind of person. Don't give me advice because you think are older than me, don't give me advice if you thought I might be stupid, don't give me advice if you have very bad past exprience (I don't wanna hear your past experience and then you would go on and compare my current life to your past, I hate that!)...


Farewell. Give me a break and leave me alone.

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