Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Think...

I think... people my age should say what they wanna say, do what they wanna do and go where they wanna go, and that elders shouldn't get involve, shouldn't give the idea of disagreement toward what they wanna say, do or go.

I think... people my age are capable enough to make their own decisions, to talk about what is in their mind, and to go where they always wish to go.

I think... elders in my country are too judemental that they are actually lower the self-esteem of the youngsters in my generation.

I think... youngsters in my country are too scared to actually reveal what is in their mind to the elders, too scared to try to talk and convince the elders that their ideas are actually better, too scared to discuss the ideas with elders, too scared to make their own decisions, too scared to fall, too scared to make mistakes and too scared to admit the fault.

I think... elders in my country shouldn't tell their youngsters not to this or not to that, because if they never fall how could they actaully learn to be successful? I mean, what's the point of being successful by only do what other told you to? I mean, falling down by your own decision is actually better than rising high by doing nothing and just listen to other people. I mean, what's there to be happy about, or what's there to celebrate anyway? Since your success doesn't come from your head anyway.

I think... elders in my country should learn to listen to young people's ideas and admit if their ideas are actually better.

I think... elders in my country shouldn't be so strictful that their children are having trouble to express something, or to do something. I know they are being protective, but some just go overboard.

I think... people my age, my generation, should all get the job, care about the outside world, go abroad, travel lots of places, see lots more of the world, go volunteers, be confident, be brave, be cool, be themselves, be who they wanna be, fall in love, buy more good books to read, watch less TV, learn to blog, learn foreign languages, work hard - play harder, don't care too much about what other people say, don't judge, sing out loud, enjoying life, meditate, and so on... and last but not least is that you have to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, it is a must.

I think... my life is my life, and other people need to stop butting in and say this, say that, and judge my effing life. MY LIFE, MY RULE. Everyone, please get out and leave me alone. The thing is, I don't give a fuck about other people's life simply because I don't want them to give a fuck about mine too, why can't they understand this? Why do they have to joining in, butting in, sitting in a round table telling me to do this and that? Seriously, don't they have a life to live their own? I'm pissed.

My life must be so suck now that I could blog all of that, don't you think so? Too sick and tired these days, I desperately need a cool effing good holidays now, if only I have a gut to take action on it and don't give a fcuk about what people here say.

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