Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Week Before The National Election

A week before the national election....

So, me and my friends are going to have a home-party one day before the national election day. And today, some of my friends told us that they don't think they can make it at all, one simple reason is that their mom does not allow them to go out on that day because of the election.

Then I thought to myself....

We are actually living in a very very ugly and unsafe country, aren't we? Why are we so afraid about the election when we have done nothing wrong? I mean, isn't it our job not to be afraid of nothing as long as we have done nothing wrong? And, aren't we currently living in a Democracy country? I feel like shit nowadays, I feel like this country is not safe anymore, I feel like I'm in a communist country or whatever crap.

I also thought....

Maybe this current Prime Minister in my country must be really suck and cruel as some has said, because he actually expected that he will definitely won this election, BUT if he doesn't, shit will definitely happen in CAMBODIA (He said that the civil war will happen in Cambodia if he lose). I mean, yep, that is what he said by himself... you see, isn't that called "selfishness" and a very good example of "A bad leader"? I never expect any leader(s) could say such things to thier own country. It means that he won't give a fuck about us people anymore if he lose this election. He might just let us die in a civil war and he could just fuck himself off with his family to abroad or stuff. What a bitch.

I don't know. I just feel like we should not afraid of anything now. I know that this old guy will win this term election again, no surprise. And he will live happily ever after for 5 more years. And Cambodian people will suffer ever after for another 5 years. The end.

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