Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Your Life. Your Decisions. Deal With It, Like a Pro Does.

Some people makes bad decision in life and blame it on others. I mean, life is too short to push the problems back and forth to one another. You know you have to deal with it like an educated person do. It goes like this, if the decision has been made, and then you reach the point where you think "I shouldn't have done that since the first place." - Well, don't panic (and most of all, don't tryna think about that one(or more) person who had been there and help you make that decision), you know if you can make shyt go wrong, then you sure as hell can make it go right. Don't be afraid to walk a new way, don't be afraid to see things in the different view, don't be afraid to change, don't be afraid to start all over again. You never know what's waiting for you outside the tunnel if you refuse to stand up and walk out of it.

I'm 19th, and I don't support the idea of anyone over the age of 18 and still go left and right asking almost everyone on earth on making that one decision that they can't decide on their own. I believe that if people just pay a little more attention on that choices they have, then they will make the good one. I think the choices that I've made on my own so far, is way better than the choices which I seek advices from others. You may say, I don't listen to anyone, in fact I just believe in myself more than I actually believe in anyone else.

I always trust my instinct, and that one moment when I say I will do it, then that is the moment when I have to admit that if something goes wrong, then it will be on me, myself, the only one, and no others involve. The same as when we seek the opinions from others, that exact moment when you ask others, that is the exact moment when you have to be sure that if something goes wrong, then the blame will be on you, yourself only - Don't even think about bursting the blame on others, coz you're the one who trust others' decision more than your own. So, deal with it.

I've made quite a few adventurous decisions for my own life, and I open for the advices from everyone that wanna share. But still, my own decision will still go first, so if the majority goes with mine, then bang!!! OFF WE GO!!! But even when no one agreed with me, I still don't give a fcuk, it is my life, my drama and I'm the director, if shyt go right, I celebrate, if shyt go wrong, don't give up and just move on. I guess, life has more shyt for us to deal with, we can't just stop there, it's boring to just stand still and regret the things that can't be changed, agree not?

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  1. Inspiration level: Lil Wayne's songs. lol, has ha, f and s? lol, can't even think you use those words.

    1. Well, first of all, hello Mr. JS Park, just got a chance to reply back at you...

      And yeah, f and s... well, you know the coolest thing about having your own blog? it is that you can talk (shyt) about anything and no one can do anything it, afterall it is our very own blog right? :D unlike in the public facebook or something where you have to watch what you say coz people will be there and judge you.

      And yep, some sentences just sounds stronger and better adding those words in, LOL.

  2. has ha, agreed. That happen to B.A students. LOL. those h, s, f, j, p, words and etc. :p

    has ha, blogging is personal-er.

    1. Wait, how do you know I am a B.A student? Or, you are one too?

  3. has ha, you posted on your blog...lol, no worry, I have, too, shits to deal in life. No time to stalk on you. lah. plus, you're married, right. Again, from your blog.

    Wait? Okay. LOL, I've been waiting, heh. Should I stop now?