Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Tumblr Blog Turned 3

So, so... My Tumblr blog just turned 3 yesterday, whoot whoot.

I remember when I first being in that tumblr world, was so addicted to it, and yep, been wasted so much time with it lol. Life was so different back then, you know with all those bloggers I follow, they shared us a unique lifestyle and stuff...

I actually learned a lot from it. But, I guess, my time wasting there is already more than enough, and yep, I haven't been there months ago, almost year(s). Time flies, things change, and I'm old now, my tumblr also gets old, eh?

Heh :)


  1. tumblr? you have a blog, there too?

    1. Yeah, I'm an internet-freak, I have everything :))