Sunday, April 28, 2013

Special Post - Dedicated to Some Cambodian Facebookers

So, so, so... I thought I would just post a short status about this, but then I thought I need to explain more about it... So here it is:

Some Cambodian Facebookers needs to stop spelling the word "Friend" as in "Fri". I just found it too annoying, seriously. The word "Fri" itself if we have to pronounce it, it would sounds as "Fry" which means to fry something or whatever - which does not even sound a bit like the word "Friend", so why do they keep writing just "Fri" instead of "Friend"???!! They shortcut it too effing short, I get annoyed. And as we know, this three little letter "F R I" is well-known as "Friday", so when someone in facebook say "Today hang out with all fri and had so much fun" - Did they mean: "Today hang out with all Friday and had so much fun? Hah! Pfffft. I mean, I also write some words short - but it should at least makes sense ok? My quick typing to "Friend" is "Fren". I don't say mine is better, but at least it sounds almost the same as the original one.

BUT, you should know this, no matter how hurried I am, I always type everything in full words, I don't short-cut it. Why? It's a habit, a very good habit for you, I guaranteed. Some people are poor in vocabulary, and spelling, why? Because they don't practice it even when they can. Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network is a very great place to practice one's vocabulary and spelling. I don't say I'm pretty good with vocabulary, but at least I don't always spell most words wrong :P They didn't realized how this small thing could actually make a big changes for them. It is.

And, it is true that famous Cambodians Facebookers is such a bad influence to some Cambodian with the way they posted or captioned something. This word "Fri" itself, I believe was coming from those so-called "cutie" girls who is famous or well-known on facebook, then it gets like a big hits or something, then "some" fellow facebookers just keep on using it. Tsk tsk. And the word "nob nob" whatevery shyt as well. I get disgust just by typing it now. Seriously. "SOME" People need to stop this. Please.

Alright, to wrap up the post, just wanna say, Friend we spell "F-R-I-E-N-D" and NOT "F-R-I".
Thank you. Bye.

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  1. lol, descriptive analysis....

    and, the word "All nob" and "Si arom"?