Sunday, April 28, 2013

Special Post - Dedicated to Some Cambodian Facebookers

So, so, so... I thought I would just post a short status about this, but then I thought I need to explain more about it... So here it is:

Some Cambodian Facebookers needs to stop spelling the word "Friend" as in "Fri". I just found it too annoying, seriously. The word "Fri" itself if we have to pronounce it, it would sounds as "Fry" which means to fry something or whatever - which does not even sound a bit like the word "Friend", so why do they keep writing just "Fri" instead of "Friend"???!! They shortcut it too effing short, I get annoyed. And as we know, this three little letter "F R I" is well-known as "Friday", so when someone in facebook say "Today hang out with all fri and had so much fun" - Did they mean: "Today hang out with all Friday and had so much fun? Hah! Pfffft. I mean, I also write some words short - but it should at least makes sense ok? My quick typing to "Friend" is "Fren". I don't say mine is better, but at least it sounds almost the same as the original one.

BUT, you should know this, no matter how hurried I am, I always type everything in full words, I don't short-cut it. Why? It's a habit, a very good habit for you, I guaranteed. Some people are poor in vocabulary, and spelling, why? Because they don't practice it even when they can. Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network is a very great place to practice one's vocabulary and spelling. I don't say I'm pretty good with vocabulary, but at least I don't always spell most words wrong :P They didn't realized how this small thing could actually make a big changes for them. It is.

And, it is true that famous Cambodians Facebookers is such a bad influence to some Cambodian with the way they posted or captioned something. This word "Fri" itself, I believe was coming from those so-called "cutie" girls who is famous or well-known on facebook, then it gets like a big hits or something, then "some" fellow facebookers just keep on using it. Tsk tsk. And the word "nob nob" whatevery shyt as well. I get disgust just by typing it now. Seriously. "SOME" People need to stop this. Please.

Alright, to wrap up the post, just wanna say, Friend we spell "F-R-I-E-N-D" and NOT "F-R-I".
Thank you. Bye.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life is Too Short

This guy, a very very nice guy I know, has gone forever. I'm not his friend, we're just acquaintance (or Schoolmate, we say). I don't know him much but I can tell he's a very good guy and smart too. We're in the same uni but did not shared the same generation - he's one of the outstanding student at IFL in his generation (from what I know). I know him through his photography... One of the inspire photographer and designer I know so far. He once shows us his photography and design works, it was indeed inspiring and creative. It is sad to know such person is actually leaving us in just a blink of an eye. And it is sad to know that life could be this short. May you rest in peace. #respect

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hola, April!

Can't believe that it's been months that I haven't blogged. Well, you know, life gets busier here, and when I had some time to spare I would rather do other things instead of blogging. Sad, eh? Free time now becomes my precious time, I cannot just wasted it away for nothing. Ohshyt, why sound so emotional, lol.

Okay, well, blogging from Phnom Penh, taking a break from everything for two days now otherwise I might exploded. Yep.
Okay, here to the recently-me (& hubby) :D

I seriously have no idea of what to blog about. Maybe getting old is the reason behind that. Heh.
Bye for now.