Saturday, December 29, 2012

This Awesome Week

Our role play rehearsing
Our awesome group wahaha - thanks to the participates as well
The second group role play
My group xD
The After party + Malen's birthday
Birthday girl xD
I just feel like posting xD. Well, I don't own any of these pictures, by the way. Credits to the "phone owners" lol. This has been a great week so far, been spending it all with my A3.3ers. Memorable time, indeed. So, last weekend, me and my group members were busy practicing our role play for Literature Studies... and yeah, done the role play, it was kinda fun lol - all my group members are awesome loh. The second group were also great. Then we had the "after-party" or may I say, celebrating Malen's birthday - well, another awesome time xD. Love the loud and energized eaters, yep, I'm one of them and I'm so full now HAHAH. Man, that was a great & awesome dinner so far.. LOL. xD

I would like to end this post here :D New year is almost coming, think I should spend some time and wrap up all the shyt that happened this year 2012 in another post (maybe!).

Bye for now.

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