Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Didn't manage to finish the last post, FML. Let's just forget about it then.

So, it's Christmas Eve, yay. I haven't manage to get anything for myself yet. My schedule is so tight, feel like 24h a day is still not enough. What is more sad is, I have to spend this Christmas time alone, omg so sad :'( Distant is such a bitch, yeah? Miss hubby ;(

Okay, so, Christmas gift. I want a 2TB External Hard disk drive, or maybe a 500GB should be enough ;) And, another one is a new lens, but... it's expensive. The one I wanna get is a 50mm f1/4 Canon Lens, which is more than 300 bucks, the fuck.

I mean, I could actually spend that same amount of money and get a brand new Canon compact digital camera already. See? Gah, no thanks.

So, all in all, I got nothing :) LOL. Will buy all of that later when my wallet kinda get thicker or something, you know? :P & hey, it's Christmas tomorrow, the weather today is kinda get way more cooler than any other day, weird, right? I was practicing the role play for my school's assignment all day yesterday... Hope we could do well tomorrow, it has been a long day yesterday and today.

First, I was worried about this role play thingy, and second, I couldn't see him this Christmas time. Meh -.-" But whatever that is, still, Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas :) XOXO

Three days ago ;)

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