Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blabbing Post of the Month

You know, those things that you had in your head long before you're finally here today.... Those things that you thought you would do, words you thought that you would say, people you thought that would be there, or maybe places that you thought you would be... Those thoughts will all be in vain when you entered the real world, I mean, when you finally face the reality. There's nothing you could do about it, it's not like you could change the reality. But guess what, there are thing that you could do, it's to prepared. That time when you have those thoughts in your head, you have to make sure there's space to think of Plan B as well. I guess, I was too lost in my imagination that I forgot to think of Plan B (most of the time). Anyway, not able to think of Plan B in my spare time actually taught me how to think of Plan B in a quick giving time. It could prove how flexible my brain could be in an urgent time. (I say that just to encourage myself only... Don't bother believing those crap.) There's nothing better than preparation. Remember, prepare, prepare, and prepare! But still, what's there to prepared about, when things mostly don't even go as plan? I hate that. I hate how I perfectly prepared things in my head, then the next morning, it doesn't seem a bit as I planned. Why?? That's how it taught me something else. Ready for the good and prepare for the worse. So, when it actually hits you in the head, you'll be, at least, ready for it...!

Remember, things will never be exact same as you planned. Brace yourself and ready for the opposite. Duh.

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