Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Am Poor at Reading

[Just a short paragraph for my writing class]
Being a Bachelor of Arts in English student is important that one have to learn and do good in all the four macro skills in order to successfully get their bachelor degree or apply it to their academic life. However, not everyone could mastered all the four skills at once. It is the same in my case, that among all the four skills which are reading, listening, writing and speaking; I know that I am poor in reading. I am not sure of why I can never improve my reading skills, yet I think I can point out three of the reasons why I am poor in reading skills. First of all, it is my laziness. I hate reading long texts or paragraphs. I have this so-called headache every time I see long paragraphs and realized that I have to finish reading and understanding them all. Instead of finish reading or understanding them, I could easily lose all of my focus and slowly falling asleep. As a result, I never actually read at all in my free time, I assume it is a tough work for me. The second reason is my interests. It is not that just because I hate reading does not mean I did not read at all. Every students read, I also read, but I have my taste and interest to decide on what I will read. I mostly read those short articles in the newspapers or magazine, or maybe just some thick books about life or animals which makes it hard for me when it comes to read TOEFL or IELTS essay or paragraphs in class because it is so far out of my interests. Third, it is the low comprehension level that I have. Having a low comprehension level not only makes me a poor reading but also a slow reading; because it is impossible for me to read fast, if I would I will not be able to understand a single meaning of the texts or the paragraph at all. All in all, I can say that among the four skills of my academic studies, I am poor in reading skills because of my laziness, no interests, and low comprehension level.

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