Sunday, August 5, 2012

Words From a Non-Medical-Studies Student

I'm not sure if it hits other people like it hits on me or not... umm.. but I actually hate it when some parents brags about their kid(s)' university's major. Especially, this...


When you grow up, when you leave high school, and when you went to university, one thing that you and people your ages, your friends from high school, or other people frequently ask is this: "You go to university, right? What year? And your major?". Then your answer would be like, yeah, B.A in English blah blah... then this one person who study "Medical Studies" and go to "Medical School" was like, oh-so-proud answering the questions with their "oh-so-proud look". Well, yeah, I'm like, "okay bro, I see you study medical, huh? Well, enough with your proud-look, I don't wanna hear anything about you anymore, bye."
That's it, B.A in English student talking with Medical Studies student. 

Here comes the B.A in English student's mother talking with Medical Studies student's mother:
It's no fun trying to imitate older people's speech, I mean, you go out with your mother a lot, you'll hear a lot out of it. Let's get to the point. The point where Medical Studies student's mother bragging about how hard their kid works on the studies, or maybe how high their kid's IQ is or whatsoever.

Okay, I can see it, ma'am. But does it appeal only to Medical Studies students? And does it mean those who don't study Medical like me doesn't work my ass off for my study? And just because we don't study medical, does it mean we're not smart enough? Stupid enough? Or not enough IQ? Or not awesome enough? AND you think this mother whose kid study Bachelor in English has nothing to brag about??! Geez. (I know, all parents are proud of their kids because of this or of that, but please don't overdo it when you're having a conversation, you know, it's no fun bragging it all alone, right? So please, let others have the stage too, okay?)

I'm not talking only about B.A English, but every other majors in Cambodia as well. When we say, it's banking, law, IT, and so on... they're like, "Duh, whatever, we study Medical, duh!". SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL, DUDE???!! What's the point in having this conversation, when they don't even give a dang about us and keep speaking of how proud they are of themselves? Seriously. (I feel like they need to fix their attitude first, before they continue their medical studies. Duh.)

To wrap up, I wanna say that, when your friends tell you about their school, or about their major, please stop butt-in in the middle of it. Please respect the speaker, please give them the stage. And please know this, whatever this or that person do, or major in, that is their choice - and you have your own choice too, so don't underestimate others'. And remember this, just because someone doesn't choose "this" or "that" major, doesn't mean we're retarded, and you're super awesome than us. We make our own choice - and we do it because we know that it's the right thing for us. So, when you don't have anything good to say, then don't open your mouth with all the bad sh*t - People don't really like to hear about it at all, just sayin'.

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