Sunday, August 12, 2012

Me Vs. GS

I'm serious. I did really had a dream last night that I failed my Global Studies semester exam. Well, I'm not the only one though, it's actually half of the class that failed. LOL.
Then I woke up and my friend just told me about the released of the results which will be in the next few hour, I'm like, fuck.

I hope this isn't the very first time my actual "DREAM" will actually comes true -.-" Please. This feel so weird now.


Update: five hours after the results out.
Yep, my dream ain't coming true. Yep, I passed my GS semester examination. Yep, this feels awesome. HAHAH LOL.


OHH. And yep, I went out with three of my IFL classmates today, and yep, I told two of them about the up coming event in the next three months. And yep, things is getting hot now. LOL
Who knows, know. LOL.


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