Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Help Me Get Out of This Comfort Zone, Please.

Now that the world is spinning, I don't want to be the only human-being who standing still. I seriously don't. But this whole vacation thingy is not that fun at all this year. One month has gone already, and I haven't done anything quite productive at all, except reading some books to kill time. Meh ;(

No beaches, no quick weekend getaway. My family is busy. I asked my sister to off to a quick weekend getaway, she only said yes and didn't do anything about it. I convinced my classmate to go on a trip maybe one or two days, and we've been discussing about it for months now, and nothing happens, sigh. And I plan to get myself somewhere faraway for a day or two, and I still can't get myself to do it - it's not like I can sleep in the hotel room alone :(

I don't know what I want to do now, do something productive or get away for days or something? I'm stuck.

This break, I've given some of my spare money to the homeless, but it's not enough, and worse is, turns out I'm the one who's broke. Defuq.

Enough with this crap, I'm just gonna go back to sleep now, and practice how to stop making a fuss and being impatient about something. Gonna wake up and continue my unproductive day. Yeah, been a lonely vacation, so far. Bye for now.

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