Monday, July 2, 2012

Done Trying

So hey, finals is over!!! I've been so neglected with finals, and er... but well, it's over, so let's forget about it.

Now that it's over, it's time to talk about vacation. My class have plan this trip to go together when finals is over... Then there's been a little distraction so we missed it this first week. And the awkward moment begins... When everyone stop talking about it anymore, and doesn't seem to care whether we could/should spent some times together chilling since we've been fighting through together for the past few months... Yep, not at all.

And yeah, I can't stand that... I mean we should at least spent some time together for one last time... Coz next semester many of us will be changing to different shifts. But guess what, I've tried my all, I've tried to persuade them enough already, and if you log in to facebook, you'll see I've comment to all the shit about this trip... And it seems like I'm trying too hard which almost seems like I'm too fucking desperate to go, wtf. This will be the last time, I'm done trying, I couldn't care more anymore, I've got life too, it's fine if we couldn't go - I'll just go back to my daily routines. Oh and plus, I've got a date to deal with too, so, it's fine, it's okay. I've reach my limit now, so, going or not going, I don't care anymore.

I'm outta here. Peace yo. I'm a lil pissed and a lil over it now.

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