Saturday, July 28, 2012


Just for fun, nothing to do, wasting time, here is what I have come up with... Well, I feel bad for my blog :( so... Just want to, at least post something. It's been a while, and I'm back! Lmao.

1. Yellow
2. Insects
3. Slow internet
4. Slow PC
5. Everything that is "SLOW"
6. Learning Chinese
7. Exams
8. People asking about my braces. It will be gone when it's done, okay? So, stop asking me "when", I don't know too!
9. Nokia touch screen phone! It's slow, that's why I hate it.
10. Uable to sleep when I have to
11. Going to school late
12. The too-hot weather
13. Calling someone and waiting for so long till they pick up
14. Waiting
15. Car-sick
16. Too-tight jeans
17. Interviewed
18. Rude people
19. Chocolate...?
20. "Ment" flavor
21. Waking up in the morning
22. Having breakfast
23. Weird stranger(s)
24. Going to the hospital
25. When I went out for the whole day then come back and realized people in the house has re-organized my stuff! I mean, please stop touching my belonging! Without noticing me, of course!
26. Not taking a good photographs for those who asked me to
27. Riding in the bus
28. Awkwark conversations with People-I'm-Not-Comfortable-Being-Around-With
29. Answering boring question(s)
30. Guys who doesn't talk much
31. Wasting my time playing games
32. No new songs to listen to
33. Tomatoes
34. People touching my stuff without my permission
35. Wasting my time with negative people
36. When I'm broke
37. Shopping with others
38. Asking for the permission
39. Traffic jams
40. Wearing braces
41. Sleeping without any blankets
42. The taste of the toothpaste
43. People spelling my name incorrectly (Esp, on facebook, even when my real name is right in front of their face! Like, seriously?!)
44. Some kind of people
45. Preap Sovath's voice (no offense!)
46. How I can't keep the conversation going when I really want to (sometimes!)
47. Couldn't manage to make my own decisions
48. Unable to express some of my feeling
49. Rainy season
50. Can't stand thinking no more! I have to publish this onto my blog!!! Hahah.

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