Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Part #8

Tell you, I'm too busy these. Busy with what? With everything, with life, with school and stuff. And at the same time, I think I need myself a break. BUT, I can't. I can't take a break now, I just can't. It's like, everything is falling all together at the same time. And I actually have to pick them all up one by one, or else I will just stuck dying here. Time to move my ass.

Especially, school! What's with this semester 2? What's with all that assignments? Was I too bad with time management?! Dude, wait till I enroll for another university! Let's see how I deal with that time-management. *sigh, sigh* I mean, I only study at one university, and I'm like, dying soon. And I don't know how my other friends can do it with two uni?! They're like, awesome....!

Anyway, no more thing to rant about. Let's end this post here.

Beep, beep, beep...

(Okay, wasting time blogging could count as a little break, no?)

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