Thursday, April 5, 2012


So, my camera team leader just told us that some IFLers are talking about us uploading the edited photo to "IFL Photography" page.

Well, he doesn't know that I'm the one who uploaded it (Or, maybe he did - whatever, IDGAF) but anyway, just get a warn today, "No more edited photo to the page". I was like, come on man, what's so big deal about it! I'm not bitching about him, I'm bitching about the one who bitching about it. Pfffft, give me a break man. The page just seems like an isolated island already, and no one updated anything, until I do, and now get the warning??! What the...

Stuff I uploaded was actually from my instagram only, stop bitching already man! Chill and... Gosh! I'm getting furious now - it just makes me look like a fool or something, dang it.

Okay so, these are something that I've uploaded. Nothing much, it's not like I have to take time and edit all those shit and show off to every IFLers, of course I wouldn't! I'm not that free bro! I don't know who you are, but still, just chill and go back to your class babe!

Wait, and what if it's not from instagram, and what if I really just sit and photoshop it, so what's wrong with it? Do they think that all the great photos they have seen out there does not go through photoshop??!! Think again, bro! The tone of the photo is important (based on what I think!). Taking good pictures is not enough, correcting the tone of the pictures to fit the mood is another thing, and both should go together.

I have more to blab about, but I will just stop here. Thanks for ruining my mood.

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