Friday, April 6, 2012

"Culture Day" Preparation

"Culture Day" is coming!!! It's this Sunday, so, gotta make my Satursday more productive. (Well, I don't even know how I can do that when it's 2AM in morning and I'm still awake :D)

• What to do on that day:
+ Taking photographs and photographs and more photographs! - No, I'm not gonna be a good member of IFL Camera team, I don't think I have time for that, and plus, I kinda think it's just so lame to go around taking pictures of the event for school when you should enjoy the day with all your friends instead. Right, not to mention that I'm going to wear heels on that day. Running around carrying the big SLR with traditional clothes and heels on is so not cool, okay? Second, the way I use my SLR lately is just plain weird or something, pictures just won't come out any better, don't know why, damn!!! So, why bother? People don't care how hard you've tried/done, as long as their pictures won't come out good, they'll just think you're too stupid with the SLR, so yeah. Third, I don't want to waste my camera clicks on them. I'd rather snap the birds on the tree but not some random people, I don't like seeing random people faces on my camera anymore, not even the hottest guy at school (LOL). Also, I have way too many friends to snap! Sorry man, I'm just that selfish. Enough said.
+ DANCING!!! I admit I'm not a good dancer, but still, I'mma go on that dancefloor and yeah, like, JUST DANCE! Who cares? :D

• Lunch: The Pizza Company. No other choices.

• What is on my mind: Should I wash my hair tonight? LOL. Well, I have a lot on my mind, like where I'm going sit, with whom, or who I'm going to meet, how awkward I'm going to get. What I'm going to do with my hair and makeup, or how my pictures will turn out to be lol. And lastly, how hot it's going to be. And many other things.

• Info: I'm not even sure of how many of my classmates are going. Yab. Well, I don't know why I need to know about the number of people who are going, when the fact is that, if they're going then I'll see them on that day, right? Actually, without that info, it feels like I just go on that day alone, it feels more secure to know that a bunch of your classmates will be there and you just don't feel like an alien, right?! Whatever, I still can't get the certain number! That's right, I'm feeling insecure now. Great.

Okay, I'm quite excited actually, but then I kinda not, I don't know why. I feel like banging my head to the wall now! *Just kiddin* -_-

End of the post. Nothing else to write about. Off this.

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