Thursday, April 26, 2012

K-Dramas Time!

What are you watching on TV these days? Guess what, I'm watching three dramas at the same week now, cool yeah? Well, I haven't watch anything at all for the past few months, or I mean, since the start of 2012! Yeah, I'm serious. That's because what's airing at that time just doesn't caught my eyes at all, and now that it does, it happens at the same time, dang! I'm actually managing my time really well to fit the airing time HAHAHA. Okay, stop babbling now, back to the topic. 

So, this are what I'm watching these days:

My comments: Well, I heard about YoonA (Girls' Generation) filming for this drama since 2011-ish, and I'm so looking forward to it. And now it's on!!! I guess, the only reason why I'm watching this, is because of YoonA :D Yeah, I'm a SONE :)

This drama is so reminding me of this movie "The Classic", one of the coolest, saddest, amazing Korean drama I've ever watch. (Plus, the influenced from my sister which she's kinda too crazy with that movie... And, I was just like, okay okay, I kinda love that too hahah)

#2: Fashion King
My comments: Awesome how members of Girls' Generation is on the scene, and both dramas airing at the same time? (I mean, month) HEH. And so, again, the only reason why I watch "Fashion King" is because of Yuri (Girls' Generation) :D. I mean, yeah, I just want to see how she acts in the drama, but turns out this drama is so good HAHA. Not to mention, besides Yuri, the three other casts is freaking handsome and beautiful too, OMG. LOL.
Final comments: This drama is so good! So recommended! Watch it by yourself , you'll see that my taste in K-drama is not so bad :))

#3: Rooftop Prince
My comments: Park Yoochan (JYJ) is so cute (Is it okay to describe a man as "cute"? LOL. But, he's so cute, there's no other word to describe him *blushing*). Well, is it lame to compare this with "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho"? I mean, yeah, in Gumiho, she's coming from 500 years ago, whereas, The Rooftop Prince, he's like 300 years faster than where he's from. LOL kinda similar. HEH.
Final comments: Looking for a comedy drama? Watch "The Rooftop Prince"!

For the plot of the story, try google it. You won't regret it. :D

I try my best to keep up with the TV airing time, instead of sneaking on the internet for the latest episodes, which is so freaking freaking tiring! So, no watching K-dramas on the internet, bad habits. Meh >.<

And yes, I don't know how to convince people to watch this or that, just, one last word to you: You'll surely regret it if you're not going to watch it! *evil laugh*

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Random Part #7

Nothing to do, no one to talk to, facebook is so quiet, twitter is boring, books is grrrr, assignments is dead on my table, my phone can never be fully charged (coz I keep scrolling!), too lazy to sit in front of the laptop, too lazy to go shower, too hungry and lazy to go and find something to eat, blogging is the only thing I can do and think of, I guess. Ohh man, I'm oh-so lazy here! What a lazy weekend.

Well, yesterday I went to my friend's house to help out their group presentation & their role play- I'm a camerawoman, yeah! LOL. But the plan changed, so we were just slacking off and taking pictures instead lol. And finally, we went to the amusement park, unexpectedly. At the hottest time of the day, 2 o'clock. Like a boss! Hahaha.

*Update - with more photos

slacking! :P

Lame post of the day hahah
Love this shot! Ugly hair though. Meh >.<

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Surrounding

The Five above were imported from my instagram, the five below, NOT.

These five below were taken with my new lens. 
(Okay, I know, I need to stop talking about my new lens, hmmpmh.)

Before the School-break Ends!

   See? This is why I love this new lens! XD


So, they're all discussing their assignments with their group members, I just tagged along and mess around :P
My group members doesn't need me, they're busy with the other groups lol.

Too bad, I can't eat anything though, damn this toothache. 
And yes, many more photos, but I'm way too lazy to upload. HEH.

That's it. A great day actually! 
Back to school in 4 days, I'm so not ready!!! >.<

Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Part #6

Late night thoughts, what comes to my mind now:

• I want a quick weekend getaway out of the country. Cambodia is so effing boring! (Except Siem Reap though - & Sorry for using the word "eff" again) BUT, since I don't like any of my neighbor countries anyway, so, nevermind then. #SMH

• Distance is such a dick, I wish we live just a little closer... (Sorry, for using the work "dick" again. I have no other word to describe it. Meh -.-")

• I don't mind counting (I don't dare to use the word kicking) some people out of my life. I do that all the time, that way, the new people could fit in. I love letting new people to be in my life, and I don't get why some people just still stuck with the same kind of people that they've been with for ages (Well, it depends though - I still keep the possitive ones). I mean, you need to know of how does it feel like to on the top and at the bottom; sometimes you just can't stay still in the middle. It sucks.

• My thoughts is too wild tonight, I should go to bed now.

Beep, beep, beep...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The New-Year-Face

 Day #1: Going wild with the new lens :P Didn't manage to get many posts though, this is the only one. Failed to focus lol.

Day #2: The lazyass-new-year-face. The stay-home-new-year face! >.<


 Day #3: Went on a date. HAHAH. A shot after back from a date lol.