Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uni Babbling

Supposed to submit my journal essay of "How to" tomorrow, and I haven't done anything yet! Well, don't blame me, check out the hella topic!

-Creating a romance evening for two
-How to be happy without romantic love
-Reaching out to someone you can't stand
-Something related to sports and games
-Preparing for and surving disaster
-How to fail a test
-How to gain 50 pounds
-How to be a boring person
-How to ditch your bf or gf
-How to make a lot of enemies

SEE???! How am I going to write about these kind of things?! Screw that. I mean, yeah, why not? I can write a 2 pages essay if it in for the exam :D heheh. LOL

>___< Anyway, I'm so dead tonight! Bye.

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