Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Thursday

• I feel like starting a new blog!
• I feel like all the posts in this blog is getting lame-er and lame-er...
• I kinda miss my old blog, but don't want it to go public again either.
• BUT, blogging here does help me a lot already, actually, the only problem is that I got no internet currently (Yes, I'm blogging from my phone now! -.-") and my laptop's hard disk drive was crush last week, it's still at the repair shop and will last for like, 10 days or something. How annoying.

#2nd Story
• I just went through someone's blog an hour ago, and then it just HIT me hard on my head! It's a photography blog. While looking at those photographs, I was like, "What am I doing lately?" Absolutely useless and unproductive! All I do is going to uni, fool around in class, sleep late, eat and eat and blah blah just unproductive. Realized I need to do something more. And realized how I never touch my camera at all lately. [.......] Then, this just automatically comes to my head: Once in a while, you need to do something you love, something you promise to yourself in the old day, something for your own good. I guess, I'm too busy doing what I usually do/have to do and forgot what I actually love. Life is too short, I'd better run with the time now, instead of just waiting for the time to lead me, I feel like a blind person! >.<

Okay, I'm in the middle of my post now, and feel like it's starting to get lame now. Ohwell. I'd better finish it by now first, will try to re-post it when I got time (I mean, when I got my laptop back).


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