Friday, March 30, 2012

The Alien of the Country

I haven't read or watch the news at all lately, I feel like a complete alien to my country.

All I know is, on the way from my house to uni, there are cops all over the streets and this siren cars comes and goes, and this traffic jam and stuff. Okay, I'm not an idiot, I know it's about that ASEAN thingy. The thing is, what exactly are they doing here, or going to talk about, and blah blah. I really have no idea.

I mean, I go to school, and all I learn is about fishing (I'm serious!) and then about this little guy name "Oliver Twist" from the 19th century, and nothing else about the future and the world. I feel like I'm stuck here in the middle of the past and the present. I mean, if I don't read or watch the news, there's no other way that I see the world out there. (I'm not the only one, right? :S)

Not just to my country, I'm like, the alien to the world! >.<

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Panic Strike

Woke up and feel like a loser now. I supposed to wake up early today, and I didn't. It's almost 11 and I feel like banging my head to the wall now. Screw this annoying friggin long dream! And this last night distraction, and this game I'm addicted on my phone! Okay, and this hot weather as well!

I have a presentation today!!!!!!!



Update: I wonder if I will have to stay awake every night till 12 like this for the rest of the year!??! I want to sleep!! :'(

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to be Happy Without a Romantic Feeling

Journal Essay 1:
Love may sounds like a complicated word to some people. In fact, it is not. You can get love from everyone and everything around you. For instance, your love would come from your family, siblings, colleagues, friends or best friends. All of this is enough to keep you through life and you can imagine how important they are as a part of your life. That is why it does not mean that you have to have a romantic love in order to make you happy, if you follow these simple steps.
First, the easiest thing to do is to be happy with yourself. Keep doing things that you have always love, such as reading, painting or meditating. You do not have to care about what other people think, just do whatever you love and feel special. Second simple thing to do is to keep yourself busy. When you surround yourself with work and focus on it, you will feel useful to yourself as well as to people around you. Also, you will not have the time to think about something else like love, or loneliness which could lower your self-confidence. Third, if enjoying yourself alone or doing all the work does not help, you can always have your friends to keep you company. Spending time or hanging out with friends you are comfortable to be around with is something that can also make you happy. Forget all about the romantic feeling and just have fun with all your friends.
In summary, love happens when we least expect it. Love will come with patient and time; but in that period of time, you should always enjoy yourself and make the most out of it. Finding happiness without love is not the hardest thing to do as long as you believe that it is always there for you.

Uni Babbling

Supposed to submit my journal essay of "How to" tomorrow, and I haven't done anything yet! Well, don't blame me, check out the hella topic!

-Creating a romance evening for two
-How to be happy without romantic love
-Reaching out to someone you can't stand
-Something related to sports and games
-Preparing for and surving disaster
-How to fail a test
-How to gain 50 pounds
-How to be a boring person
-How to ditch your bf or gf
-How to make a lot of enemies

SEE???! How am I going to write about these kind of things?! Screw that. I mean, yeah, why not? I can write a 2 pages essay if it in for the exam :D heheh. LOL

>___< Anyway, I'm so dead tonight! Bye.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Satursday

Getting myself a new instagram account today. The one I always use err... I hate it -.-"

So I'm getting myself a new one, like, a freash start :)

What I did today are all sharing thru my new instagram. User name? Umm... That's a secret ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Thursday

• I feel like starting a new blog!
• I feel like all the posts in this blog is getting lame-er and lame-er...
• I kinda miss my old blog, but don't want it to go public again either.
• BUT, blogging here does help me a lot already, actually, the only problem is that I got no internet currently (Yes, I'm blogging from my phone now! -.-") and my laptop's hard disk drive was crush last week, it's still at the repair shop and will last for like, 10 days or something. How annoying.

#2nd Story
• I just went through someone's blog an hour ago, and then it just HIT me hard on my head! It's a photography blog. While looking at those photographs, I was like, "What am I doing lately?" Absolutely useless and unproductive! All I do is going to uni, fool around in class, sleep late, eat and eat and blah blah just unproductive. Realized I need to do something more. And realized how I never touch my camera at all lately. [.......] Then, this just automatically comes to my head: Once in a while, you need to do something you love, something you promise to yourself in the old day, something for your own good. I guess, I'm too busy doing what I usually do/have to do and forgot what I actually love. Life is too short, I'd better run with the time now, instead of just waiting for the time to lead me, I feel like a blind person! >.<

Okay, I'm in the middle of my post now, and feel like it's starting to get lame now. Ohwell. I'd better finish it by now first, will try to re-post it when I got time (I mean, when I got my laptop back).


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Part.5

What I did today: woke up at 12, go to school, come back home, eat and slack. End of the day.
(Well, I barely touch my phone while in class, but this WS subject lecturer is like so boring, I'm just too bored and snapped this photo. Okay, he speaks so friggin' slow, I also fall asleep many times, gosh! And there's nothing more to say abouy him and this WS, just, Boring! Ohh and frustrating!)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


1. My name is Huot Vuochnoch.
2. WTF.
3. Screw them!
4. Give me a break.
5. I'm headache. (I said it most of the time even when I'm not that headache).
6. I'm just kidding.
7. I'm hungry.
8. Life is too short.
9. I didn't do the homework.
10. Sorry / Thank You

Friday, March 9, 2012

Went on a field trip with my A2.4ers yesterday! Can't wait till I got my internet back, and my laptop from the hospital, then Imma blog all the shit!!! :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The title: one of the top ten trend on twitter yesterday. I'll just post it here on my blog instead. So, here we go, putting my ipod on shuffle now!

1. Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
2. The Click Five - Happy Birthday
3. B2K - Baby Girl
4. Lee Hyori - Animotion (feat. eric)
5. Girls' Generation - Diamond
6. Chhorn Sovannareach - ជាតិក្រោយទៅណាទៅៗ
7. G.O.D - Friday Night
8. JoJo - Baby It's You
9. Christina Perry - A Thousand Year
10. Taylor Swift - The Story of Us
11. R. Kelly - Love Letter
12. SE7EN - Somebody Else
13. Leona Lewis - A Moment Like This
14. J Randall - Ooh La La (feat. Akon)
15. The Veronica - Take Me On The Floor
16. Princess Velasco - What Do You Want From Me
17. Wonder Girls - The DJ is Mine
18. Mario - Never Say Goodbye (feat. Nesty)
19. Dez - Ringtone
20. One Direction - One Thing

Damn, where are all my new songs?!! LOL.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Enjoying GS' Session (First Time Ever)

Today's class debate was awesome! (Class debate here doesn't mean we are debating about our class, what I mean here is we are debating in our classroom).

So, this is the first time ever since my freshman year we are having a debate in the class. It was awesome. Although I made some mistake with the meaning I was trying to explain.

Instead of saying that children who go on a field trip as a group from their school could spend their time more with their classmates, like when they're spending a day or a week out, they're supposed to stay together and get to know each other more; I said, "they could spend the time sleeping together/with each other" which sound kinda weird LOL. Whatthefuck...!!! Hahahah FML.

I thought I hate my GS lecturer (I still do), but thank you for come up with such activity for the class, it was less boring than listen to what her family story life like, which she did every session...! -.-" Not this session.
Anyway, I did enjoy it, quite alot.
Okay, is this the feeling of being a debater? It is that cool? ;D