Friday, February 3, 2012

Wedding Preparation Part.1 (cont.)

It's exactly 11PM, everyone has gone to bed since an hour ago or so. I'm the only who is awake here. Well, I supposed to go to bed by now actually, but too bad, I just washed my hair, so, I'll have to wait then.

Listing time:

• I think I ate too much this evening, how about tomorrow?

• I'm not sure of where I should sleep tonight.

• I don't want to be the last one to wake up tomorrow morning.

• I love my new heels.

• The pre wedding photo looks awesome.

• I have so many relatives, and yes, my grandma can't wait to see them all. (Well, but I can wait -.-")

• I just corrected the grammar mistakes on one of my classmates' status, she must be so mad at me now lol.

• That daughter of my auntie that I'm talking about (in the last post) has this "too-white" face; so, every times I look at her, it scared the hell out of me -.-"
Vietnamese-like face scared me ;( and she's not even Vietnamese, for goodness' sake!

• I can't believe it took me 20minutes to write all that, so, bye...! Eventhough my hair is still wet!

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