Friday, March 2, 2012

Enjoying GS' Session (First Time Ever)

Today's class debate was awesome! (Class debate here doesn't mean we are debating about our class, what I mean here is we are debating in our classroom).

So, this is the first time ever since my freshman year we are having a debate in the class. It was awesome. Although I made some mistake with the meaning I was trying to explain.

Instead of saying that children who go on a field trip as a group from their school could spend their time more with their classmates, like when they're spending a day or a week out, they're supposed to stay together and get to know each other more; I said, "they could spend the time sleeping together/with each other" which sound kinda weird LOL. Whatthefuck...!!! Hahahah FML.

I thought I hate my GS lecturer (I still do), but thank you for come up with such activity for the class, it was less boring than listen to what her family story life like, which she did every session...! -.-" Not this session.
Anyway, I did enjoy it, quite alot.
Okay, is this the feeling of being a debater? It is that cool? ;D

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