Sunday, February 26, 2012


I just spent my whole Sunday sleeping and sleeping and sleeping...


I admit I have no life on Sunday (or almost everyday), well, I actually have many things to do on my to-do-lists, but I just slack around and wait till Monday comes then take action! ;D

Like, going to the dental, or sneeking or droping by the uni in town. Yeah, IFL student like me seriously have no life, I'd better go to another uni and finally get a life.

Uh-huh, by the way, I haven't paid for my semester 2 fee yet. Well, they said that the deadline in on the 25th of Feb, and so I wait till that day. Then, yesterday (Satursday) the 25th I went to school in order to pay for it, and bang!!! It's not even open! Seriously, why can't they just said that the deadline is on the 24th then??! I'm like, okay, great, they're not open, Imma wait till Monday...!!! Which I have to tap another $10 on it (They called it "Fine", for paying no where before the deadline!) *Fcuk my life.

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