Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 29th of February

Happy Leap Day! (First time blogging on the 29th of February - heheh)

So, I accidentally (I mean, finally take a time to) walked around my uni today, and there's a second-hand book stand (stand or stall?) at the uni today - I guess they will be around here a week or two. Anyway, can't belive there's this book I wanna buy actually here!!!

Well, last week my friend lend me this book: "Memoirs of a Geisha". The book is awesomeeeee....!!! And I googled it, both the book and the movie! (I wanna watch the movie one also!). Umm... the one that she lend me is a 90-ish pages, and the one that I just bought today is the original one with the 400-ish pages. Well, if she didn't lend me that book, I wouldn't have bought this book today too. Well, you never know what its really talk about eh, if I hadn't read the thinner-version one, I don't think I would pick that book at the book stall today up, coz the book cover looks quite scary to me! LOL. Don't judge the book by its cover :D (I judge the book by its cover all the time btw! all the time - Guess, that's why I missed out all the good books all the time).

Okay, I don't think I would watch its movie yet. I have this experience with "Oliver Twist", coz right after I finished reading the book, I just go right straight and watch the movie! And it's just so disappointing. Like, they cut most of the part, or it's just kind of far different from what you've imagined while reading the book.

So, "Memoirs of a Geisha" on DVD will wait till I'm finish semester 2 or maybe will wait about 1 or 2 more years when I think I miss the time reading it. :D

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