Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No More KPOP

I first introduced to Korean Songs a.k.a KPOP in 2008. My sisters and I were watching "Pops in Seoul" of arirangTV on TVB8, there was a song that caught our attention completely, it's called "Circus" by "MC Mong".

Take a listen, Circus by MC Mong xD

I remember how hard it was trying to find the download link for that song. Back then, KPOP was not quite spread over the internet yet, well, I don't know, maybe it's because I was a dumbass little dorky with the Internet thingy (which I'm not anymore! ;D)

Since that year I was so into KPOP, I googled about those artists, downloaded their songs, saved some of their photo, shared and talked about them and stuff, blah blah. Oh yeah, and then it was in 2009-2010 when I met this classmate in my high school senior year, she was so so into KPOP that she dragged me along when I didn't really care about KPOP anymore LOL. Well yeah, in late 2011, I'm so over KPOP! That's right, no more KPOP! (Actually, I still listen to KPOP, I just reduce the time I spent listen to it, and the amount of songs to downloaded.)

Why I don't listen to Korean songs as much as before:
• I have no idea of what they're singing about, anyway.
• Too many people are listening to it, nowadays.
• I'm so-not one of those fan girls
• Korean artists has too many immature fans. Young and wild and... Whatever, you named it.
• It's on TV way way too much, like almost every channels, for goodness' sake!
• Jrenh...
• Time to change my taste in music.
• Because I'm way too obsessed back to a few years ago, that's why I need to find something new :P

Okay, so, as a B.A in English student, I will just stick to American songs and some Cambodian songs only. HEHEH

Peace xD


  1. haha..i felt the same way about kpop songs, i was more into the k-drama. during half the movies i get lost watching it. its weird how us khmer ppl are into korean songs & drama movies. Are you cambodian american too?

  2. HAHAH I know right?
    Uhmm... And yeah, I'm not Cambodian American, I'm just Cambodian, Cambodian. =)