Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Typical Day

Today is awesome, Literature Studies presentation was so much fun but I was so effing nervous though LOL, experience experience. It's not experience actually, it's like a culture now, a culture that I'm always oh-so-nervous before and while doing the presentation! Grrr.

And, Global Studies progress test, well, not that good. I did remind myself to get the goddamn high scores, I'm trying though, I don't know if it's even work. Uhh, I can't answer the comprehension questions well enough, FML. But thanks god, two tests has been done, and a presentation as well, I can now enjoy my weekend (Another test on Monday, btw!).

Things to do


• Go to UC (Maybe!)
• Peer editing for writing class
• Do CE homework
• Finish GS written assignment
• Go buy a printer, perhaps. LOL

• GS group meeting (sigh...)
• Review for CE progress test (even worse...)

• No plan - so, could be the only day that I could chill (I wish!)
• Or, do some shopping, perhaps LOL

Monday (21st):
• CE Test

• LS Make up class

Enough listing, byeee.

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