Monday, November 7, 2011


Got this question in the class today, since it's too sudden, I don't know what on earth I wish to do! So, let's me make a list here. FML I'm such a slow thinker!

What is something you never done and you wish to?
• Meet someone with the same date of birth
• Meet someone with the same first name and last name
• Go to New York City
• Get the scholarship to somewhere else besides Cambodia
• Play violin
• Learn Karate
• Get my own car, I said, MY!
• Travel to Europe
• See the world-star live concert
• Get a summer job
• Earn my own money
• Walk on the beach at night and just chill
• Be a tourist in my own country for a day
• Teach my brother about photography
• Taking Law as another major
• Sing "Way Back Into Love" with my love one gegegeg :D
• Have a most-awesome-not-nervous presentation in front of many audiences
• Download Gossip Girl Season 4 LOL

(more to go....)

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