Monday, November 21, 2011

Report Writing at 2AM

It's 2AM, I just finished writing the report for my "Literature Studies" in the process of my presentation and my groups members.

And yes, it's one page full - double space. It's like 354 words wtf. Is it too much? I mean I saw my friend's paper and they're like, half of the page only! Umm.. Ain't we supposed to jot down every details? So I guess, sorry lecturer, you'll just have to read every single details of what my group members and me been up to for the past five weeks LOL.

I never thought that I can finish it by tonight, umm actually, I never thought I can even write it, seriously. It's been like, two weeks and counting, and I have no motivation nor inspiration - I have done some homework and some major assignments, and I never seem to want to start writing this report at all. I don't even know where to start, for goodness' sake. Okay, okay, now that I'm done, I'm so proud of myself LMAO.

I really should get something nice for myself this weekend. It's a reward for doing such a good job lmao.

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