Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I spoke to one of my friend from ISP class the other day and I realized that we both don't speak the same language anymore. It's like, ISP students are talking to the world about today issues or what they should do or how they should deal with the FUTURE, while we BA students still stuck here reading our literature book with the stories from the 19th century or something. Ohwell.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Report Writing at 2AM

It's 2AM, I just finished writing the report for my "Literature Studies" in the process of my presentation and my groups members.

And yes, it's one page full - double space. It's like 354 words wtf. Is it too much? I mean I saw my friend's paper and they're like, half of the page only! Umm.. Ain't we supposed to jot down every details? So I guess, sorry lecturer, you'll just have to read every single details of what my group members and me been up to for the past five weeks LOL.

I never thought that I can finish it by tonight, umm actually, I never thought I can even write it, seriously. It's been like, two weeks and counting, and I have no motivation nor inspiration - I have done some homework and some major assignments, and I never seem to want to start writing this report at all. I don't even know where to start, for goodness' sake. Okay, okay, now that I'm done, I'm so proud of myself LMAO.

I really should get something nice for myself this weekend. It's a reward for doing such a good job lmao.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Typical Day

Today is awesome, Literature Studies presentation was so much fun but I was so effing nervous though LOL, experience experience. It's not experience actually, it's like a culture now, a culture that I'm always oh-so-nervous before and while doing the presentation! Grrr.

And, Global Studies progress test, well, not that good. I did remind myself to get the goddamn high scores, I'm trying though, I don't know if it's even work. Uhh, I can't answer the comprehension questions well enough, FML. But thanks god, two tests has been done, and a presentation as well, I can now enjoy my weekend (Another test on Monday, btw!).

Things to do


• Go to UC (Maybe!)
• Peer editing for writing class
• Do CE homework
• Finish GS written assignment
• Go buy a printer, perhaps. LOL

• GS group meeting (sigh...)
• Review for CE progress test (even worse...)

• No plan - so, could be the only day that I could chill (I wish!)
• Or, do some shopping, perhaps LOL

Monday (21st):
• CE Test

• LS Make up class

Enough listing, byeee.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I need a motivation to get myself to stop accepting just the "okay" grade at school. I look like someone that should get more than what I got, right? Something like, A+ or GPA like 4.0 or something, blah blah. LOL :D

Most of the time I have this in my head, "Okay, just as long as you passed the test, that's all it matters". That's a big fail, isn't it? I wish I have the gut to tell myself this, "Get the fucking full scores, and off you go!".

Anyway, I'll have a Global Studies progress test tomorrow... Tell me I should keep this in my head, "I have to get the goddamn full scores, no matter what!". It is what I have to do, right? Just by passing the test is not enough, everybody can do it, pfffft... So why do what everybody else do? Well, get the highest scores is something not anybody can do it. So, do it!

So I guess it's about, "Be careful of what you told yourself", if you are going to dream, then you might as well dream BIG! Am I right? XD
Improper sleeping time, it's 4:20AM now, and I'm still wandering here and there, ohh... ahh.. hmm...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Need a Printer

My 8 years old printer broke down 4 years ago, and I still have its dead body lol. Year two at uni is no joke, many works need to be done and many papers need to be printed. I want to buy a new printer. Well, surprisingly, compare to my old printer which can only "Print", printers nowadays can do more than just printing! Scan, copying, wireless print, USB port blah blah...! Man, I feel like going and get it tomorrow! Just not so sure of what to buy :S and, its ink is dead expensive. Should I or should I not buy it? Suggestions?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Richard, The Annoying Brat

I just made Richard ate the toothpaste today, wahhahahah so happy!!! LOL.

He keeps bragging to mom how people can eat the toothpaste, and it's so annoying!!! GRRR. And I was like, okay shut up, can you even eat that? And he was like, yeah yeah why not! Can't believe this little brat. Then I quickly go grab the toothpaste, and was like, now open your mouth, now!!! He must have thought that I wouldn't do it... Well, but he really opened it wtf. Pttttff, without any hesitation I just squeezed the toothpaste onto his tongue, and bang! He swallowed it WTF!!! He did look panic after swallowed it, but he tried not to show it. Idiot, how dare he tried to mess with me lol. Yeah, he did shut up after eating that toothpaste... Wahahaha. Dumbass LOL.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Nothing to post, since the world is going wild about it, so, I'll just, at least post it as my title post too. LOL.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Got this question in the class today, since it's too sudden, I don't know what on earth I wish to do! So, let's me make a list here. FML I'm such a slow thinker!

What is something you never done and you wish to?
• Meet someone with the same date of birth
• Meet someone with the same first name and last name
• Go to New York City
• Get the scholarship to somewhere else besides Cambodia
• Play violin
• Learn Karate
• Get my own car, I said, MY!
• Travel to Europe
• See the world-star live concert
• Get a summer job
• Earn my own money
• Walk on the beach at night and just chill
• Be a tourist in my own country for a day
• Teach my brother about photography
• Taking Law as another major
• Sing "Way Back Into Love" with my love one gegegeg :D
• Have a most-awesome-not-nervous presentation in front of many audiences
• Download Gossip Girl Season 4 LOL

(more to go....)

#Random Part.2

I'm supposed to have a really good long night sleep for tomorrow quizzes and presentation... Until I was interrupted, and now I'm fully awake at 2 in the morning.

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Thank You to All the Good Friends of Mine Out There

I wish I am free enough to just sit down and have a talk with a friend, a really good one. You know, we can talk about absolutely everything, but guess what, I haven't had that of talk for a while and I desperately need one. I wish me and my good friend (anyone of them) ain't all so busy with our study then perhaps we can sit back together and just chill. Yes, I admit that I do take things for granted, but I, I think I should change that habit. Won't you help me changing it?

I wish I could meet more people besides those I'm seeing at school everyday. The feeling ain't the same to all 28 of them. Most don't have those chemistries, gosh, I miss my old friends.

Well, as I said, I won't take things for granted no more. So yeah, I'm going to find those chemistry in all (not all, but most. Since I've already found some) of them. Missing old friend won't do me no good, since I won't get to see them often anyways... I'll just try to see the good around people I'm seeing everyday instead then.

That's life. So, sit back and enjoy the talk, I will do it with my new friends, sorry old friends, that sucks how we both ain't in the same class together, and I hate that. But you know, this keep running in my head, "When life give you lemon, make lemonade", so yeah, I love everyone! Old friends, new friends, you guys are all my good friends! Thanks for being my friends. I just wish most of us won't take "the-talk-with-the-friends" for granted, coz who knows? Maybe one day you'll look back and miss all that talk.