Monday, October 17, 2011

XOXO Gossip Girl

I spent my whole weekend (well, plus Monday too) watching "Gossip Girl". God, don't know what am I thinking, when I still haven't finished my reflection paper yet.

Just finished Season 2 - hmm.. Season 2 is kinda boring actually. Season 1 is more thrilling, thought I'll love season 2 too, but uh too bad.

18 + 25 = 43 episodes. 40mins/episode. You named it. I can't stand sitting in front of my laptop any longer, I shall continue Season 3 next weekend, for goodness' sake. And FYI, I really really really wish Dan and Serena would be together again, gosh! (If you know what I mean). I think the reason I'm not really into season 2 maybe because Dan and Serena just ain't together again, man this is frustrating! And Chuck and Blair, ahh I love that couple LOL. Ohh and I hate Nate, I just think he's such a complete jerk, maybe. I love Dan :) I kinda hate him too sometimes. Serena should be with Dan, seriously - they both have those chemistry, you know. & everytime Serena dating the new guy, I feel like going to my computer screen and change the whole storyline, UGH! Okay, I should stop babbling, it's just the movie, right? Well, I need to finish Season 3 soon... Heheh ;D

Drama, drama and more drama... Sometimes, I feel like, turning off my laptop and STOP watching everything!!! But I'm like, okay never mind, let's just finish it. Hmmpmh. So yeah... Why not right?

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