Friday, October 21, 2011

Freshman, Again!

Announcement: My last minute decision is... I'm going to study law at RULE. Yes, I said, RULE.

I know, my first impression to that uni was not that good either, but hey you gotta come see this school for yourself, it's big! Way bigger than my IFL, and not to mention its library, I just can't wait to go in there, it's exactly like something I saw in the movie! (yes, I'm just exaggerating). Well, I just think it's not gonna be so bad right? I mean, many people I know are there too and they're okay. So... I can give it a try, yeah?

Okay, don't judge me when I say "Give it a try" - you may think that I'm just one of those kids who wants to try something and then abondoned it cuz it's not fun. Well, maybe you can say that, but from what I know, if I aim for LAW, then RULE will be the first choice (Well, according to "most" people that I've asked). So tell me, I'm making the right choice, right?

And yes, I'm going to enroll tomrrow morning. It's Now or Never choice. Somebody want to stop me? No? :)

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