Friday, September 30, 2011

Make yourself feels good, and you'll do good

It's IFL entrance exam tomorrow, well, I just went through IFL facebook page and actually have a gut to share this to those who will have the exam tomorrow. Well, you know, as a senior to my dear juniors or I mean my-future-schoolmates, this is all I can do for them... Errr.. Sharing my experience of what I did on my entrance exam day. LOL

This is what I posted:

"Something you should do on your entrance exam day:
-Don't wear heels
-Wear something that you think it is comfortable (rather than attractive)
-When you go in the room, smile at everybody :)
-Be confident when you walk in and out of the room
-Don't forget to put those smile on your face
-Relax, don't be nervous
-Sit straight
-Read each questions for twice only, if you still can't get it, skip it (Remember to come back to it later)
-Again, focus
-Tell yourself this: "I'm going to come back as a IFL student after leaving this classroom, I will." :)
-Remember to do your best!

Good luck, y'all."

It reminds me back to a year ago, when I, myself having an entrance exam at IFL, I was quite nervous as well, well, but not so much, I was just sitting not-so-carelessly-and-not-so-serious while doing the exam. Just know that I was quite happy for no reason on that day, that's a good sign eh? Of course, you gotta make sure that you can put everything away first and just focus on the exam, I mean, on that day!! Just one day, it isn't much right...? Make sure you know how to make yourself feels good so, you will do good as it is~ that's it, no big deal :)

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