Friday, September 30, 2011

#Random Part.1

I've been away from my blog for quite a while, I am way too stress to express what's on my mind...

Well, guess what, after posting one or two posts, why am I feeling so good? I don't know, maybe I have a good day? Or maybe blogging actually help me get out of this dark room in my mind?

I had a not-so-good day a few days ago, and there's nothing I do that helps cheering me up, even shopping! (The kind of shopping that I believe it always makes me feel good, but still, it doesn't)

Now that I am feeling good, does it mean because I had just blogged a post, or because I am happy that's why I can go on and blogged that post?

Screw this stupid feeling, it goes up and down and up and down. Thanks god, I can get OVER the "down" quite fast!!!

Off to bed, byeee.

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