Saturday, August 27, 2011

A-chit-chat-with-a-friend Day

I have a walk and talk with one of my friend today, I told her about how I don't study hard enough and just want to spend all days playing. She then told me about her study and how she manages her time and something cool, or I mean, something worth listening to! you know, something like, "A key to be a top student in class" or like, "make sure to go to bed early (and not wasting the time away like I did, LOL).

I don't know what she might thinks, but to me, I like having a conversation with her. It's worth spending time with her, sharing my story and listening to her story and her experience. And yes, she's one of the good adviser ever! Well, it's not that easy to actually having an actual conversation with her, because her time is priceless and yes, I reckon she'd never waste a minute away for nothing. She's going to be in my "Awesome-people-I-have-met" list! LOL.

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