Sunday, July 17, 2011

My New Favourite Drama: Iljimae

Exactly 03:30 AM, finally, I've finished watching this awesome drama "ILJIMAE". Guess, it's worth staying up till 3AM, hah ;)

Damn nice emotional drama, I cried quite a lot in some episodes :'(
Ayyo... But what's with the ending? A bit disappointed. Dang, I am hoping for season 2!!! Well, I wish...! -.-'

I mean, the main actor and actress ain't even together yet, they need to be together in season 2, for goodness' sake. I love every parts when they're together :)

Ayyy, I don't have time to blog this any longer, gotta go to bed now. And yes, going to watch "The Greatest Love" tomorrow... I've finished watching episode 3 already, damn funny LOL. That's right, I am going to enjoy my summer break with these K-dramas! Heheh. Life is this beautiful LOL. Off this, byeee.

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