Friday, July 8, 2011

Brand New Blog

Why new blog? Because I am that cool.

I'm just sick of my same-old-boring-daily-routine, I believe I need to change something. There are strangers and stalkers in my facebook page, what is worse is, they are men! OMG. So, I removed them, "Private" my old blog, and changed my twitter username, I feel oh-so-awesome now after doing all that.

And by the way, I need to say this, Blogspot is so much easier to use than Wordpress!!!
No, both of 'em are easy to use, but Blogspot is way cooler..!!!
Why didn't I know that earlier??!
Dang, I've stick with Wordpress, like, over a year already and leave out something which is way better??!
*bang my head on the wall*

Okay, bye.

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