Sunday, July 17, 2011

My New Favourite Drama: Iljimae

Exactly 03:30 AM, finally, I've finished watching this awesome drama "ILJIMAE". Guess, it's worth staying up till 3AM, hah ;)

Damn nice emotional drama, I cried quite a lot in some episodes :'(
Ayyo... But what's with the ending? A bit disappointed. Dang, I am hoping for season 2!!! Well, I wish...! -.-'

I mean, the main actor and actress ain't even together yet, they need to be together in season 2, for goodness' sake. I love every parts when they're together :)

Ayyy, I don't have time to blog this any longer, gotta go to bed now. And yes, going to watch "The Greatest Love" tomorrow... I've finished watching episode 3 already, damn funny LOL. That's right, I am going to enjoy my summer break with these K-dramas! Heheh. Life is this beautiful LOL. Off this, byeee.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bubble Tea for Me

How will you treat yourself when you think you've done a good job? Bubble tea, of course!!! :')

I think I've done a good job on KC final exam today, so yeah, gotta buy myself bubble tea. It's been like years already, the last time I had it.

Ahhh, bye! :)

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Goodbye, DEG!

So, the fact that I don't get the good score for some randoms (Yes, I mean randoms!) subjects, it's not that I'm not smart enough, it's just that I am lazy, that's all. HAHAH.

Dear DEG (Demographic and Economic Geography),
You and I can never be bestfriends, I've always hate you since the start of the semester. Now, today is the finals day for you and me, and I don't wish to see you anywhere else anymore. You've been giving me all those headache for the whole semester already, I guess that's enough.
Goodbye, DEG. I don't care about the scores, just let me pass.

Finals exam for DEG.
Say hello to GAM tomorrow. Oh my life, this week needs to end real fast, please...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brand New Blog

Why new blog? Because I am that cool.

I'm just sick of my same-old-boring-daily-routine, I believe I need to change something. There are strangers and stalkers in my facebook page, what is worse is, they are men! OMG. So, I removed them, "Private" my old blog, and changed my twitter username, I feel oh-so-awesome now after doing all that.

And by the way, I need to say this, Blogspot is so much easier to use than Wordpress!!!
No, both of 'em are easy to use, but Blogspot is way cooler..!!!
Why didn't I know that earlier??!
Dang, I've stick with Wordpress, like, over a year already and leave out something which is way better??!
*bang my head on the wall*

Okay, bye.

Make My Day

Saw this cute little pup today while buying my drinks. Man, he reminds me so much of my pup, I mean, well he looks just like my little pup too, although my pup is way cuter lol. I wish I could kidnap him, at that time HAHAHA - No, I wouldn't -.-'

Hummer babe, I miss you!!! Where are you now??!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outdoor Shooting

Uh.. over exposure :/

There's a photo session provided by Mr.Photographer every weekends, well, it's been like, three weeks already that I joined. And that's what I got from last week - learn how to use and control our camera mode, practice shooting with model. Not bad ehh.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear New Blog...

I'm going to enjoy posting everything here which I can't post in my old blog. It's frustrating how there's subscriber(s) in my old blog - they should've just visit my blog once in awhile instead of SUBSCRIBING to my blog, I feel uneasy, I can't really blog what I want to blog wtf.

AHHH~~~ many things to blog about, yay yay :)))
Let's do it tonight!


Look whats my second sister got for her older sister and her younger sister (me) - TEEHEE :D More than just this, but I shall post it later...

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Week Before Finals!

This is us, a week before final exams.

I had so much fun with A1.8ers... Two semesters is this short?
8 months ago, they are all strangers to me; today, they are all my good friends, ALL OF THEM!!!