Friday, December 30, 2011

Again, No Title!

What a long day...

• Done not-such-a-good-job with the group presentation
• Not to going to an ex-classmate's wedding
• Forgot my laptop's adapter at class

But whatever that eff is, it's over and I don't have any spare time to think about it anymore, let the eff be erased from my head, I don't give a damn anymore.

Because my sister is coming tomorrow, YAY!!! Mom gonna makes lots of special dish tomorrow, not to mention that she already bought many staff today already :D

Well, blogging from phone sucks! Off now.

Friday, December 23, 2011

IFL Fund-raising Event <3

"Fund-raising Event" at uni tomorrow. I'm too excited now!

My classmates and I are going to sell some foods and drinks for tomorrow event, and of course, all the profits will go to the orphans.

What I love about it is that as I'm actually helping those orphans, I am also having fun at the same time. Spending time with all my friends and classmates preparing what we are going to sell is "Priceless". I can feel that I'm actually happy when I'm with them, and don't wanna leave.

I wish I could get to know them more and they could get to know me more as well. That's all I asked for.

Alright, back to the topic, I'm oh-so-excited now! LOL.
Goodnight! :D

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh my god, I just can't stop thinking about tomrorrow! I keep keeping my hope so high that I'm afraid it might turns out different tomorrow. And, I don't want to keep my hope so low, that I feel like dying now.

Anyway, all I have in mind now is hoping for the best! So, please.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I send a message to a bunch of my friends, and no one reply or raise any idea at all, not even a comment to agree or disagree with me. Great.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I spoke to one of my friend from ISP class the other day and I realized that we both don't speak the same language anymore. It's like, ISP students are talking to the world about today issues or what they should do or how they should deal with the FUTURE, while we BA students still stuck here reading our literature book with the stories from the 19th century or something. Ohwell.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Report Writing at 2AM

It's 2AM, I just finished writing the report for my "Literature Studies" in the process of my presentation and my groups members.

And yes, it's one page full - double space. It's like 354 words wtf. Is it too much? I mean I saw my friend's paper and they're like, half of the page only! Umm.. Ain't we supposed to jot down every details? So I guess, sorry lecturer, you'll just have to read every single details of what my group members and me been up to for the past five weeks LOL.

I never thought that I can finish it by tonight, umm actually, I never thought I can even write it, seriously. It's been like, two weeks and counting, and I have no motivation nor inspiration - I have done some homework and some major assignments, and I never seem to want to start writing this report at all. I don't even know where to start, for goodness' sake. Okay, okay, now that I'm done, I'm so proud of myself LMAO.

I really should get something nice for myself this weekend. It's a reward for doing such a good job lmao.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Typical Day

Today is awesome, Literature Studies presentation was so much fun but I was so effing nervous though LOL, experience experience. It's not experience actually, it's like a culture now, a culture that I'm always oh-so-nervous before and while doing the presentation! Grrr.

And, Global Studies progress test, well, not that good. I did remind myself to get the goddamn high scores, I'm trying though, I don't know if it's even work. Uhh, I can't answer the comprehension questions well enough, FML. But thanks god, two tests has been done, and a presentation as well, I can now enjoy my weekend (Another test on Monday, btw!).

Things to do


• Go to UC (Maybe!)
• Peer editing for writing class
• Do CE homework
• Finish GS written assignment
• Go buy a printer, perhaps. LOL

• GS group meeting (sigh...)
• Review for CE progress test (even worse...)

• No plan - so, could be the only day that I could chill (I wish!)
• Or, do some shopping, perhaps LOL

Monday (21st):
• CE Test

• LS Make up class

Enough listing, byeee.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I need a motivation to get myself to stop accepting just the "okay" grade at school. I look like someone that should get more than what I got, right? Something like, A+ or GPA like 4.0 or something, blah blah. LOL :D

Most of the time I have this in my head, "Okay, just as long as you passed the test, that's all it matters". That's a big fail, isn't it? I wish I have the gut to tell myself this, "Get the fucking full scores, and off you go!".

Anyway, I'll have a Global Studies progress test tomorrow... Tell me I should keep this in my head, "I have to get the goddamn full scores, no matter what!". It is what I have to do, right? Just by passing the test is not enough, everybody can do it, pfffft... So why do what everybody else do? Well, get the highest scores is something not anybody can do it. So, do it!

So I guess it's about, "Be careful of what you told yourself", if you are going to dream, then you might as well dream BIG! Am I right? XD
Improper sleeping time, it's 4:20AM now, and I'm still wandering here and there, ohh... ahh.. hmm...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Need a Printer

My 8 years old printer broke down 4 years ago, and I still have its dead body lol. Year two at uni is no joke, many works need to be done and many papers need to be printed. I want to buy a new printer. Well, surprisingly, compare to my old printer which can only "Print", printers nowadays can do more than just printing! Scan, copying, wireless print, USB port blah blah...! Man, I feel like going and get it tomorrow! Just not so sure of what to buy :S and, its ink is dead expensive. Should I or should I not buy it? Suggestions?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Richard, The Annoying Brat

I just made Richard ate the toothpaste today, wahhahahah so happy!!! LOL.

He keeps bragging to mom how people can eat the toothpaste, and it's so annoying!!! GRRR. And I was like, okay shut up, can you even eat that? And he was like, yeah yeah why not! Can't believe this little brat. Then I quickly go grab the toothpaste, and was like, now open your mouth, now!!! He must have thought that I wouldn't do it... Well, but he really opened it wtf. Pttttff, without any hesitation I just squeezed the toothpaste onto his tongue, and bang! He swallowed it WTF!!! He did look panic after swallowed it, but he tried not to show it. Idiot, how dare he tried to mess with me lol. Yeah, he did shut up after eating that toothpaste... Wahahaha. Dumbass LOL.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Nothing to post, since the world is going wild about it, so, I'll just, at least post it as my title post too. LOL.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Got this question in the class today, since it's too sudden, I don't know what on earth I wish to do! So, let's me make a list here. FML I'm such a slow thinker!

What is something you never done and you wish to?
• Meet someone with the same date of birth
• Meet someone with the same first name and last name
• Go to New York City
• Get the scholarship to somewhere else besides Cambodia
• Play violin
• Learn Karate
• Get my own car, I said, MY!
• Travel to Europe
• See the world-star live concert
• Get a summer job
• Earn my own money
• Walk on the beach at night and just chill
• Be a tourist in my own country for a day
• Teach my brother about photography
• Taking Law as another major
• Sing "Way Back Into Love" with my love one gegegeg :D
• Have a most-awesome-not-nervous presentation in front of many audiences
• Download Gossip Girl Season 4 LOL

(more to go....)

#Random Part.2

I'm supposed to have a really good long night sleep for tomorrow quizzes and presentation... Until I was interrupted, and now I'm fully awake at 2 in the morning.

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Thank You to All the Good Friends of Mine Out There

I wish I am free enough to just sit down and have a talk with a friend, a really good one. You know, we can talk about absolutely everything, but guess what, I haven't had that of talk for a while and I desperately need one. I wish me and my good friend (anyone of them) ain't all so busy with our study then perhaps we can sit back together and just chill. Yes, I admit that I do take things for granted, but I, I think I should change that habit. Won't you help me changing it?

I wish I could meet more people besides those I'm seeing at school everyday. The feeling ain't the same to all 28 of them. Most don't have those chemistries, gosh, I miss my old friends.

Well, as I said, I won't take things for granted no more. So yeah, I'm going to find those chemistry in all (not all, but most. Since I've already found some) of them. Missing old friend won't do me no good, since I won't get to see them often anyways... I'll just try to see the good around people I'm seeing everyday instead then.

That's life. So, sit back and enjoy the talk, I will do it with my new friends, sorry old friends, that sucks how we both ain't in the same class together, and I hate that. But you know, this keep running in my head, "When life give you lemon, make lemonade", so yeah, I love everyone! Old friends, new friends, you guys are all my good friends! Thanks for being my friends. I just wish most of us won't take "the-talk-with-the-friends" for granted, coz who knows? Maybe one day you'll look back and miss all that talk.

Monday, October 24, 2011

RULE no more

Latest update: I'm not going to RULE.

It's not like I'm not trying, but maybe I don't belong there, i guess; so what's the point? I believe you don't want to hear the whole story behind this. I don't think I should bother explaining everything here as well. Well, what a disappointment. I'll just stick with my Plan B now.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Y U No tell us that the deadline is today! FUCK U!

Something is going on, and it's not going right, I still have to wait till Monday, just saying...

Well, I still have plan B, by the way.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Freshman, Again!

Announcement: My last minute decision is... I'm going to study law at RULE. Yes, I said, RULE.

I know, my first impression to that uni was not that good either, but hey you gotta come see this school for yourself, it's big! Way bigger than my IFL, and not to mention its library, I just can't wait to go in there, it's exactly like something I saw in the movie! (yes, I'm just exaggerating). Well, I just think it's not gonna be so bad right? I mean, many people I know are there too and they're okay. So... I can give it a try, yeah?

Okay, don't judge me when I say "Give it a try" - you may think that I'm just one of those kids who wants to try something and then abondoned it cuz it's not fun. Well, maybe you can say that, but from what I know, if I aim for LAW, then RULE will be the first choice (Well, according to "most" people that I've asked). So tell me, I'm making the right choice, right?

And yes, I'm going to enroll tomrrow morning. It's Now or Never choice. Somebody want to stop me? No? :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

XOXO Gossip Girl

I spent my whole weekend (well, plus Monday too) watching "Gossip Girl". God, don't know what am I thinking, when I still haven't finished my reflection paper yet.

Just finished Season 2 - hmm.. Season 2 is kinda boring actually. Season 1 is more thrilling, thought I'll love season 2 too, but uh too bad.

18 + 25 = 43 episodes. 40mins/episode. You named it. I can't stand sitting in front of my laptop any longer, I shall continue Season 3 next weekend, for goodness' sake. And FYI, I really really really wish Dan and Serena would be together again, gosh! (If you know what I mean). I think the reason I'm not really into season 2 maybe because Dan and Serena just ain't together again, man this is frustrating! And Chuck and Blair, ahh I love that couple LOL. Ohh and I hate Nate, I just think he's such a complete jerk, maybe. I love Dan :) I kinda hate him too sometimes. Serena should be with Dan, seriously - they both have those chemistry, you know. & everytime Serena dating the new guy, I feel like going to my computer screen and change the whole storyline, UGH! Okay, I should stop babbling, it's just the movie, right? Well, I need to finish Season 3 soon... Heheh ;D

Drama, drama and more drama... Sometimes, I feel like, turning off my laptop and STOP watching everything!!! But I'm like, okay never mind, let's just finish it. Hmmpmh. So yeah... Why not right?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Eff Those Dreams

I slept at 10PM last night, and I suppose to wake up at like, 8AM or something but I can't. So yeah I actually woke up at 11AM today.

I have this weird dream this morning, so I just keep on sleeping in order to keep this dream going on. It's like a movie, yeah I believe I can make a movie out of this dream of mine.

I hate having the dreams, well I know we can't avoid it... But you know, at least don't make me remember all those shit, it's nothing but a waste of time. By the time I'm waking up, I feel like most of the energy in my body are all gone trying to remember it. It's tiring, to be frank... Don't know why.

I actually looking forward for the future more, instead of those unreal-late-night-dreams fighting in my effing brain or mind. Duh.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

iPod touch white, I'm going to get you!

I want to say something, then I'm like, okay never mind... :/

Grrrr... I'm so-not-me!

BTW, something to add to my wishlist: The new iPod Touch White!!!!
Going to get that shit - well, just sooner or later, babeh! ;D

Moving to Another Country?

So, this come to me in the middle of the night... Emm... Just because I was born in Cambodia, does it mean I have to friggin' stay here for the rest of my life?! Seriously?! Actually, I know the other way out of it, it's to marry the native in that foreign country. And, there's no other way besides that?

This is so not part of my general knowledge and it's not that I am planning to move out of this country or whatsoever, I was just wondering...!

I mean, don't you think it's stupid how you can't choose where you are going to born and you can't even choose where you want to live?!! For the stupid strict laws against foreigners blah blah. BRRR... -.-"

Man, one day I'm going to rule this world and change this not-so-cool laws! :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

I feel like going on a vacation, some where far far away from here.

Somebody take me away please...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

An awesome man is no longer with us... RIP - we will always remember you, Steve!

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Friday, September 30, 2011

#Random Part.1

I've been away from my blog for quite a while, I am way too stress to express what's on my mind...

Well, guess what, after posting one or two posts, why am I feeling so good? I don't know, maybe I have a good day? Or maybe blogging actually help me get out of this dark room in my mind?

I had a not-so-good day a few days ago, and there's nothing I do that helps cheering me up, even shopping! (The kind of shopping that I believe it always makes me feel good, but still, it doesn't)

Now that I am feeling good, does it mean because I had just blogged a post, or because I am happy that's why I can go on and blogged that post?

Screw this stupid feeling, it goes up and down and up and down. Thanks god, I can get OVER the "down" quite fast!!!

Off to bed, byeee.

Make yourself feels good, and you'll do good

It's IFL entrance exam tomorrow, well, I just went through IFL facebook page and actually have a gut to share this to those who will have the exam tomorrow. Well, you know, as a senior to my dear juniors or I mean my-future-schoolmates, this is all I can do for them... Errr.. Sharing my experience of what I did on my entrance exam day. LOL

This is what I posted:

"Something you should do on your entrance exam day:
-Don't wear heels
-Wear something that you think it is comfortable (rather than attractive)
-When you go in the room, smile at everybody :)
-Be confident when you walk in and out of the room
-Don't forget to put those smile on your face
-Relax, don't be nervous
-Sit straight
-Read each questions for twice only, if you still can't get it, skip it (Remember to come back to it later)
-Again, focus
-Tell yourself this: "I'm going to come back as a IFL student after leaving this classroom, I will." :)
-Remember to do your best!

Good luck, y'all."

It reminds me back to a year ago, when I, myself having an entrance exam at IFL, I was quite nervous as well, well, but not so much, I was just sitting not-so-carelessly-and-not-so-serious while doing the exam. Just know that I was quite happy for no reason on that day, that's a good sign eh? Of course, you gotta make sure that you can put everything away first and just focus on the exam, I mean, on that day!! Just one day, it isn't much right...? Make sure you know how to make yourself feels good so, you will do good as it is~ that's it, no big deal :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day of A Uni Sophomore

Things I have to do tonight (well, kind of almost everynight):

-Read GS book
-Prepare for tomorrow CE quiz
-Do the exercise in GS book
-Do the exercise in GS handouts
-Read GS book
-Read GS book
-Read GS book
And, Read GS BOOK!!! Grrrr...

I don't have a cool lifestyle at all FML ;(

It's almost 10PM now~ I wanna go to bed already ;(

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Continues to Year Two

I'm going to be in Year Two... Errr... Tomorrow!!! ;)
Ohhh~ excited.

This song I'm playing now goes like this: Never give up, be the best you can be~ Never give up!!!
Okay, this is irrelevant lol. Back to topic, well yeah I'm going to be a year two student tomorrow. Can't think of word to subscribe and blog, so imma off now. Goodnight LOL. Byeeee!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, Uni...

Graduation ceremony at uni today, and I was there too today. Seeing all the senior graduates today; I feel like I need to graduate soon too. Ohwell, not really, actually, I don't want leave uni yet, I'm not ready to get out and see the world in the whole new level yet; I still want to mess around at uni with all my friends, that's all.

With my cousin xD
And yes, class start this Monday!!! 
Two days away, I'm going to year 2 *excited* :D
& I prepared nothing!!! *panic*
No new school supplied, no new uniform, I'm screwed! 
I've been slacking all summer long... Sigh. Just let it be... 
Can't wait to see new classmates HEHEH.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A-chit-chat-with-a-friend Day

I have a walk and talk with one of my friend today, I told her about how I don't study hard enough and just want to spend all days playing. She then told me about her study and how she manages her time and something cool, or I mean, something worth listening to! you know, something like, "A key to be a top student in class" or like, "make sure to go to bed early (and not wasting the time away like I did, LOL).

I don't know what she might thinks, but to me, I like having a conversation with her. It's worth spending time with her, sharing my story and listening to her story and her experience. And yes, she's one of the good adviser ever! Well, it's not that easy to actually having an actual conversation with her, because her time is priceless and yes, I reckon she'd never waste a minute away for nothing. She's going to be in my "Awesome-people-I-have-met" list! LOL.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My New Favourite Drama: Iljimae

Exactly 03:30 AM, finally, I've finished watching this awesome drama "ILJIMAE". Guess, it's worth staying up till 3AM, hah ;)

Damn nice emotional drama, I cried quite a lot in some episodes :'(
Ayyo... But what's with the ending? A bit disappointed. Dang, I am hoping for season 2!!! Well, I wish...! -.-'

I mean, the main actor and actress ain't even together yet, they need to be together in season 2, for goodness' sake. I love every parts when they're together :)

Ayyy, I don't have time to blog this any longer, gotta go to bed now. And yes, going to watch "The Greatest Love" tomorrow... I've finished watching episode 3 already, damn funny LOL. That's right, I am going to enjoy my summer break with these K-dramas! Heheh. Life is this beautiful LOL. Off this, byeee.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bubble Tea for Me

How will you treat yourself when you think you've done a good job? Bubble tea, of course!!! :')

I think I've done a good job on KC final exam today, so yeah, gotta buy myself bubble tea. It's been like years already, the last time I had it.

Ahhh, bye! :)

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Goodbye, DEG!

So, the fact that I don't get the good score for some randoms (Yes, I mean randoms!) subjects, it's not that I'm not smart enough, it's just that I am lazy, that's all. HAHAH.

Dear DEG (Demographic and Economic Geography),
You and I can never be bestfriends, I've always hate you since the start of the semester. Now, today is the finals day for you and me, and I don't wish to see you anywhere else anymore. You've been giving me all those headache for the whole semester already, I guess that's enough.
Goodbye, DEG. I don't care about the scores, just let me pass.

Finals exam for DEG.
Say hello to GAM tomorrow. Oh my life, this week needs to end real fast, please...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brand New Blog

Why new blog? Because I am that cool.

I'm just sick of my same-old-boring-daily-routine, I believe I need to change something. There are strangers and stalkers in my facebook page, what is worse is, they are men! OMG. So, I removed them, "Private" my old blog, and changed my twitter username, I feel oh-so-awesome now after doing all that.

And by the way, I need to say this, Blogspot is so much easier to use than Wordpress!!!
No, both of 'em are easy to use, but Blogspot is way cooler..!!!
Why didn't I know that earlier??!
Dang, I've stick with Wordpress, like, over a year already and leave out something which is way better??!
*bang my head on the wall*

Okay, bye.

Make My Day

Saw this cute little pup today while buying my drinks. Man, he reminds me so much of my pup, I mean, well he looks just like my little pup too, although my pup is way cuter lol. I wish I could kidnap him, at that time HAHAHA - No, I wouldn't -.-'

Hummer babe, I miss you!!! Where are you now??!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outdoor Shooting

Uh.. over exposure :/

There's a photo session provided by Mr.Photographer every weekends, well, it's been like, three weeks already that I joined. And that's what I got from last week - learn how to use and control our camera mode, practice shooting with model. Not bad ehh.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear New Blog...

I'm going to enjoy posting everything here which I can't post in my old blog. It's frustrating how there's subscriber(s) in my old blog - they should've just visit my blog once in awhile instead of SUBSCRIBING to my blog, I feel uneasy, I can't really blog what I want to blog wtf.

AHHH~~~ many things to blog about, yay yay :)))
Let's do it tonight!


Look whats my second sister got for her older sister and her younger sister (me) - TEEHEE :D More than just this, but I shall post it later...

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Week Before Finals!

This is us, a week before final exams.

I had so much fun with A1.8ers... Two semesters is this short?
8 months ago, they are all strangers to me; today, they are all my good friends, ALL OF THEM!!!